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Why Loft Conversions Are More Cost-Effective Than Extensions

Why Loft Conversions Are More Cost-Effective Than Extensions

If you want to add more space to your home, you might be better off getting a loft conversion.
Moving houses is very expensive and time-consuming. A loft conversion is a convenient way of
adding space to your home, rather than uprooting your entire family and relocating to a larger
property. Before ringing up your builders in Cambridge for a quote, ask yourself what you need
this additional space for. Loft conversions are cheaper than extensions, but they might not fulfil
every purpose. If you need a more spacious kitchen, you should not consider extending it into
your loft. However, you can add an extra bedroom for guests to stay over. Here is how you can
decide whether you want a loft conversion or an extension.

Loft Conversion
For a lot of people, a loft conversion is a lot easier, especially since the structure is already
there. Your contractor and Cambridge builders will not have to do a lot of work, which is why it
turns out to be cheaper than an extension. Depending on the conversion, you might get away
without having to apply for planning permissions, if your loft satisfies the height regulations
without affecting other properties. A loft conversion is ideal if you need a studio annex, study,
or a spare bedroom. If your home has sloping ceilings, you can benefit from many design
features that will make this space worth the investment.

With extensions, you are creating a lot more space and can split it across two levels if your
family members need the extra space. The downside of extensions is that you need a lot of
garden or yard area to build upon. There is intensive work involved when it comes to
extensions, and that is why they are so expensive. You might also have to deal with longer
construction timelines and allocate extra funds for heating and wiring. Before deciding on
extensions, you must consider all the costs involved and find the right builders in Cambridge to
work with your specific budget.
If you are only needing a little space instead of a full extension, then loft conversations are the
most cost-effective option. This is because you are using space that you already have, rather
than constructing an additional structure. During the planning stage, think about why you want
this extra space. Talk to your family members and discuss how this will benefit their needs as
well. Look into the appropriate building regulations in your area to ensure that there will not be
any restrictions against your loft conversion. Your local Cambridge builders can also give you
some tips on how to save money during this process and suggest design ideas that will satisfy
all your goals.

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