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Building Demolition Process
Different steps are involved in the process of demolition of building structures which are:

Removal of hazardous materials
Preparation of plan
Safety measures
Surveying of Buildings for Demolition
Surveying means study of different parameters of the structure and its surroundings. There are two types of surveying are mainly conducted. They are

Building surveying
Structural surveying
1. Building Surveying
In survey of buildings for demolition, following process are carried out:

Types of construction material used
Usage of building prior and present during demolition.
The presence of wastewater, hazardous materials, matters arising from toxic chemicals, flammable or explosive and radioactive materials, etc.
Drainage conditions and possible problems on water pollution, flooding and erosion.
Shared facilities with adjoining building, including common staircases, partition walls.
Adjoining pedestrian and vehicular traffic conditions
The sensitivity of neighborhood with respect to noise, dust, vibration and traffic impact.

2. Structural Surveying
In structural survey, following process are involved in demolition:
The method of construction
The structural system and structural conditions of basements, underground tanks or underground vaults.
The original structural system employed in the design.
The condition of the building.
Removal of Hazardous Materials

If hazardous materials like asbestos minerals, petroleum contamination, and radioactive metals are found in the investigation of site for demolition. Specialized personals are called for the removal of the hazardous materials from the site prior to the demolition of structure.

Preparation of Demolition Plan for Structures:

A detailed demolition plan is made which illustrates the different process involved and they are:
The location of the building to be demolished.
The distances from the building to be demolished to its adjacent buildings, streets, structures and significant street furniture.
The structural support systems of the building.
A plan showing the procedure for the demolition of the building; detailed sequence of demolishing structural members; and the method of demolition to be adopted.
A plan showing all precautionary measures for the protection of the public including hoardings, covered walkways, catch platforms, catch fans, scaffolding, protective screens and safety nets.
Method of handling demolished building debris.
Time required for the complete demolition process etc.

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