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The Pros and Cons of Under-Floor Heating

The Pros and Cons of Under-Floor Heating

During home renovations and talks with your Cambridge builders, you will need to consider the type of heating you want to install. One of the trendiest options that many homeowners love during winter is under floor heating. This can either be electric or water based. There is a wide variety of electronic element under-floor heating systems to suit any floor. A homeowner can try installing the electrical components themselves. However, they need a professional for water-based heating systems because it is a complex process involving plumbing connections with many tests that need to be carried out. Before you throw down your hard-earned money on a fancy-sounding heated floor, here are the pros and cons that you should discuss with your builders in Cambridge. 

Advantages of Under-Floor Heating

Once your Cambridge builders have fitted everything, there is little maintenance required, and you should receive at least a 20-year guarantee. The system is entirely hidden under your floors, so you will never run into unsightly radiators and vents that look old-fashioned. You can benefit from extra wall space for other pieces of furniture. The system installed by builders in Cambridge is cost-effective and should save you up to 20-50% in heating bills. The initial costs for the water-based version may be high, but the long-term gains outweigh the price. Your Cambridge builders can install a thermostat in every room so that all your loved ones can effortlessly control the temperatures, unlike old-fashioned radiators. The hot temperature around your house will be more consistent, and anyone suffering from asthma will find relief due to the efficient circulation system. This type of heated floor is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. 

Disadvantages of Under-Floor Heating

Some homeowners complain that under-floor heating takes much longer to heat up compared to traditional systems. This may be due to an incorrect size of parts or improper installation. Therefore, it is necessary to get advice from your builders in Cambridge on how the entire system will be installed, so that you do not wait too long for that luxury under-floor heat. It is not recommended to fit water-based systems to existing builds because this can become very impractical and expensive. A more practical alternative is to use panel radiators that operate using the same principle. The under-floor heating should be designed exceptionally well from the moment your builders in Cambridge start working on it. Otherwise, replacing a part later can add a lot of numbers to your final renovation bill. If you are set on working with your Cambridge builders to install the water-based heating system, always ensure that they perform an efficiency test to assess the suitability for your build.

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