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Home Renovation Trends For 2020

Home Renovation Trends For 2020

When you own a house in Cambridge, it may never seem finished enough, causing you to
consistently be on the quest to make it even more functional, comfortable, and modern. There
is always something that can be improved or repaired, and you are probably already looking up
Cambridge builders for upcoming renovation projects while still celebrating the new year. Here
are some of the best renovation trends for 2020 that will ensure that your home is nothing
short of perfection.

Home Wellness
Wellness is on the rise, and industry leaders at the Home Improvement Research Institute
Summit discovered that wellness-focused improvements are what 2020 is all about.
Homeowners are demanding toxic-free sustainable materials, and purification systems for
cleaner air flowing throughout each room. You might want to get your builders in Cambridge to
expand windows and for more natural light to cascade across the rooms. This will help you
avoid using artificial lights during the day and reduce those energy consumption costs in the
long term.

Repainting Rooms
The best way to make a home feel brand-new is by repainting the walls and covering the cracks
and stains. Repainting all the walls is time-consuming, it will increase the value of your home
and bring a lot of joy by sprucing every room. You can also put up some new wallpapers with
beautiful designs and patterns to uplift your interior design.

Climate Proofing
Many modern homeowners are concerned about climate change, and extreme weather
patterns are pushing them to invest in disaster-resistant home improvements. Approximately
eighty percent of millennials are stressed about how climate change will affect the quality of
life for their children, and they are putting a lot of money down when it comes to sustainable
living. Creating indestructible homes is a costly investment but is worth the peace of mind you
will have, especially when future generations of your family are set to inherit the property.
Your Cambridge builders can add cement pilings to enhance the foundation and durability to
protect your home during a storm. You can also get a storm door with heavy and durable
materials to maximize any potential weak points. Talk to your builders in Cambridge about
storm shutters and durable roof shingles. Roofs are usually the most vulnerable during storms
and can put negative pressure on the rest of your home’s support structure. Your builders can
maximize the roof’s strength by anchoring it through the walls to the foundation. They can also
add “Impact-resistant” shingle materials that will upgrade the roof’s integrity.

Custom Features
A lot of homeowners want to introduce custom features and emerging sustainable brands while
remodelling their kitchens and bathrooms. Luxury projects are slowing down, and emerging
brands are gaining market share by providing elegance at affordable prices. You now have
plenty of options for a broader range of products that can fit any budget. Your Cambridge
builders can help you install custom cabinetry and modernize other aspects with durable
materials that might not have been readily available before. If your house has any plumbing
issues or leaks in the roof, you still need to shell out funds to repair these and protect your
home’s structure. However, you can now do so more affordable by talking to the right builders
in Cambridge who will always prioritize your well-being.

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