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Home Décor Trends from the 2000s vs. Today

Home Décor Trends from the 2000s vs. Today

As the country starts coming out of COVID-19 lockdown soon, you might be pondering over several design ideas to spruce up your home. While your Cambridge builders can provide tons of ideas, you might find some inspiration from historical trends that still influence modern-day home renovations. Home remodels consistently evolve, and there are new trends all the time, but the ones borrowed from previous decades always come back. Here is a comparison of how designs have changed throughout time and whether you prefer the traditional look or a complete do-over. 


Traditional white kitchens from the 2000s are still going strong even after all these years. Back then, introducing white kitchens shifted everyone away from dark wood cabinets to welcome a brighter atmosphere. White quickly became a dominant tone for all cabinets, countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. It is still arguably one of the most popular colours for kitchen cabinets that you can discuss with your builders in Cambridge. Today, homeowners are turning their backs on traditional cabinets and are opting for open kitchen shelves instead. This makes a kitchen look cleaner and more organized, especially when you want to make a tiny kitchen feel airier and more spacious. 


Bathroom trends in the 2000s were subtle and understated. Most homeowners started upgrading their bathrooms in terms of size and extra space. They used ornate features and colours, such as terracotta and ochre, to go with the dark and dense wood. Now, subway tiles are still a favourite and will never go out of style. You can experiment with diamond-shaped or hexagonal tiles to make your bathrooms look more unique and exciting. Instead of the traditionally old silver hardware, many people are using brass or gold finishes, which is an excellent mix of both vintage and modern. 


Ask your Cambridge builders about a time when closet doors were popular. Modern homeowners do love traditional cabinets but have ditched bi-folding doors for a streamlined barn-style door that helps save a lot of space. After all, you do need all the extra space you can get for gadgets and electronics that operate smart rooms like nightstands with USB ports and other techy pieces of furniture. Sliding barn-style doors also give a charming rustic look that feels more homely, and that is always a bonus. 

Painting Trends

In the early 2000s, homeowners loved painting with neutral and white colours, especially in their kitchens. Then there was a rise in dark red paints throughout many homes. Red had taken over so much that Pantone even named their colour of the year in 2002, “True Red.” Now, people are bolder when it comes to how they use paint colours. Subtle pink rose has been a top choice away from traditional white or red. Green is another strikingly beautiful colour that can instantly freshen up old bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

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