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Best Time of Year to Start Restoration Projects

Best Time of Year to Start Restoration Projects

The weather in England is unpredictable. You should always plan restorations in advance before
scheduling any Cambridge builders. Many homeowners in the United Kingdom believe that
restorations should be done as quickly as possible during the summer months. That is too much
work for such a short amount of time. You might not find enough builders to do the job if
everyone planned their restorations during the same time of year.
Should You Renovate in Summer or Winter?
This depends on what your contractor suggests. A highly skilled contractor may be too busy to
take the job. They might not be able to allocate construction workers to your home when they
have many other projects at the same time. If you are planning restorations in summer, book
your contractor and Cambridge builders in advance. Otherwise, they might refuse the job
because of scheduling problems.
If your restoration requires a lot of timber frames, they will have a lot of wood moisture
content. You can get these frames erected in winter as well because the snow will melt and dry
the structure. This happens much faster during summer, but if your contractor is unavailable,
you can get this done during the colder months too and achieve the same result.
Groundwork, such as foundations, drainage, and site clearances are done best during winter
months, rather than summer. During the colder seasons, most vegetation dies, which makes it
easier to clear the site. Thanks to the chilly weather, digging foundation trenches is safer
because the trench walls have a lower risk of caving in due to the stiffness from frost and snow.
Even though bricklaying should be done when the weather is warm and dry, you can cover
them with tarpaulin sheets or a weatherproof scaffolding to protect them from rain. If bricks
get wet, they are harder to lay because the rain washes off the mortar and dilutes the
bricklaying process. However, the English weather is unreliable, and it does rain heavily during
summer too. The time of year does not matter when it comes to bricklaying, provided you
carefully cover all your bricks and ensure they don’t get wet.
When it comes to restorations, you do not have to fight over contractors during a few warm
months of the year. There is a lot of work that can be done successfully in other months too.
Your contractor should be skilled enough to anticipate this and offer suggestions on how to get
all your job done in the shortest time. Apart from rain, the British weather tends to be quite
mild, and hopefully, that does not delay your project much. Your bills might also be cheaper
when you aren’t competing for the same workers during the summer. It’s always worth
scheduling an appointment with your Cambridge builders to discuss this in more detail.

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