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Garden Offices

A functional and stylish garden office room that doesn’t compromise on quality and value is hard to find. With that in mind, we have created a massive range of home offices  to suit all needs and budgets. Creating a viable solution for all your home working needs has never been so easy. Our designs help create a multi-functional environment away from household distractions. Manage your work/life balance and reduce your morning commute to a few seconds and arrive with your coffee still warm. Separate your work and home life, allowing you to get the best of both worlds!. Our garden offices have domestic style uPVC windows and doors, making your garden retreat not only flooded with natural light but secure and highly insulated.

Insulated Garden Office Studio

Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your garden office. Whether you’ll be working hard or enjoying some down time. Whatever the reason, both our wooden garden offices and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) office pods are fully insulated, allowing you to use them all year-round. In addition to that, our log cabin offices offer more variety, styles and insulated options. You can choose between adding insulation to your log office or opt-in for one of our fully insulated home office log cabins. Our Warmalog insulated log cabins are an innovative concept. Built using a unique 62mm sandwich of timber and polyurethane, which make up the walls. Their U-Value is equivalent to 110mm wall log. An ideal option for any weather, which will keep you and your loved ones warm and cosy. Using our unique triple tongue and groove wall logs and industry leading double glazed windows that are included as standard. Our insulation is quick and easy to install and helps retain the heat. Thus saving you on your heating bills. We always supply polyurethane insulation, a far better insulation than Rockwool or polystyrene. Even NASA uses it!

Modern Garden Office

If you’re self-employed, a remote worker or a small home business, it’s probably high time you invested in a home office building. With our huge range of wooden garden offices, WPC office pods and log cabins, you will find sleek designs and fully functional outdoor office spaces to suit your needs.

Garden Rooms

Extend your living space into the garden with a multipurpose garden studio. It could be the answer to wanting that home extension with no way of achieving it without great cost and upheaval. Just like our log cabin booths, our wood offices are as diverse as our customer needs. Giving you the opportunity to combine your home office needs with your favourite hobbies and activities. Create your own garden retreat that’s easily accessible within a few steps of your back door. A space where you can chill out, play some indoor sports or video games. If you’re into fitness, perhaps a space to work out in peace. Better yet, get the noisy teens out of the house with a teenage den. All these options are possible with our smart garden offices.

Garden Office Shed

Our garden office sheds are ideal if you are in need of some extra storage on the side. Combine your luxury garden office pod with a variety of sidestores that are sure to please all tastes and needs. Our side stores have 28mm interlocking log walls that attach to the side of your garden office building. They come with a single solid door and domestic door handle and lock to match the log cabin. Our log cabin sheds are ideal if you are in need of some extra storage on the side. Combine your luxury log cabin with a variety of sidestores that are sure to please all tastes and needs. They are an attractive, practical storage addition to any garden building. Store your essentials in a place that’s easy to retrieve them from. Whether it’s your lawn mower, motorbike, bicycles, garden tools or even to shelter your mobility scooter, rest assured your belongings will sit in a safe place right next to your garden building.

Garden Office Summerhouse

You will enjoy working in your own garden office summerhouse. No commuter stress or high office rents to worry about. Simply let your space and personal taste be the guides to which garden building suits your requirements. For contemporary tastes, our cabin offices in apex or pent roof styles or pressure treated garden office pods may be more satisfactory. We know how important it is to have a bright and airy space to work.

Maintain Your Garden Office

To ensure your wooden garden office has a prolonged life, it’s crucial that you take the correct measurements to maintain it properly. Our wooden office range is fully pressure treated. This means you will not need to retreat it against fungal decay and insect infestation for up to 10 years. However, we do recommend treating it with water repellent for timber maintenance. If you’re choosing a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) garden office, then maintenance will be minimal. However, it’s recommended that you wipe the external walls down with warm soapy water every now and again to stop them from getting stained.

Maintain Your Log Cabin Office

For log cabin offices our experts recommend choosing the right treatment for your log cabin booth and that you treat it as soon as it’s built. At Builder Cambridge, we offer a variety of wall preservatives that are solvent and water based. In addition to selecting the best log cabin treatment, it’s also important that you re-apply treatment when required. This will depend on the log cabin preservative you have chosen. Furthermore, creating an environment that aids moisture control is an important element in maintaining your log cabin. Make sure measures are in place for the roof, floor, foundations and surrounding drainage to help shake off extra moisture and prevent rot, fungal and insect infestations.

At Builder Cambridge we use pressure treated floor bearers to protect the lowest part of the building. We use a large pressure treatment tank that forces the treatment deep into the timber at high pressure. Due to this effective process, we offer our customers a genuine 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on the bearers.

Don’t forget

Your garden office building is made of timber, a natural product that will contract and expand according to the UK’s unpredictable weather. Once the garden studio is erected, there will be a period of “settling” as the wood reacts and adjusts to surrounding climate. Splits and cracks may occur over time but that shouldn’t compromise the quality of your garden building. The use of interlocking tongue and groove timber in our log cabins help with the strength and stability of the walls as well as the natural expansion and contract of the timber.

Planning Permission For Outdoor Buildings

You may have found exactly what you’re looking for, a wooden office pod to your exact taste and measurements. That’s great! However, before placing an order for your wooden garden building, it’s important to familiarise yourself with any planning permissions or building regulations that may apply in your area.

The good news is our garden office buildings don’t normally require planning permission. This is due to our unique designs that utilise the maximum width and height available to us. Thus giving you as much garden space as possible, without the need to opt for tall garden retreats. Although we have a wide range of under 2.5m log cabins, some exceptions may still apply. This is why it’s vital that you check whether you’ll need planning permission or not.

We offer the following services:

  • Multi-room Log Cabin Offices
  • Insulated Garden Office Studio
  • Modern Garden Office
  • Titania & Helena Garden Offices
  • Garden Rooms
  • Garden Office Shed
  • Garden Office Summerhouse
  • Maintain Your Garden Office
  • Maintain Your Log Cabin Office
  • Planning Permission For Outdoor Buildings
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